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Raising Lunker Trout at Home:

This is going to require that you build a pond if you don’t already have one on your property.  The best kind of pond that you can have is one that is naturally spring fed that is at least ten feet deep or more.  You should build your pond somewhere in the shade unless you want to raise catfish.  The other thing you have to consider in building a pond is how large should it be?

The reason why the pond should be sited so it is at least shaded is because the heat from the sun’s rays will raise the temperature of the water to a point that trout can’t survive.  Trout are a cold water fish.

A good trout pond is at least 2,000 square feet, and the bigger it is the better for your trout.  This allows your fish room to grow and breed.  There should be some sort of food fish introduced to the pond before you put any trout in the pond.  This should be done a year prior to the introduction of the trout.

Most ponds that are dug in this manner have a strong tendency to heal their own bottoms with a thin layer of clay except where the water comes into the pond or exits the pond,  This is actually a geological principle that affects all bodies of water.

After you have dug your pond, and it has filled with ground water before any other life is introduced inoculate it with a couple of buckets of water that has been collected from an existing pond.  This can be done just by pouring the water from the buckets into your pond.

This will provide a source of small aquatic life for your food fish to thrive on.  It will also help your pond to have a good environment for future stockings of fish.

In the beginning your pond will be extremely muddy this is natural.  The small particles of clay are answering to a physical law called Brownian movement where the jostling molecules of the water tend to keep these tiny particles suspended in the water.  You can solve this problem with a few teaspoons full of aluminum sulfate that is available from a swimming supply store.

You are also going to have to provide an aereator to the pond to be sure your fish receive enough oxygen to survive.  There are suppliers of these aerators on the Internet just Google pond aerators.

Even though the pond has some type of food fish along with the trout they all will need to be fed additional fish food.  This is available at your local feed dealer, or can be ordered on the Internet, Google fish food.

This raising of fish is considered aquaculture that is another thing you should Google on the Internet. This is how you get to raise Lunker Trout in your backyard.


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