Saturday, June 16, 2012

Be a Master Mariner to be put in Charge

The RMS Queen Mary

A job that puts you in charge is a Master Mariner or more simply a ship’s Captain. In the days before the invention of radios the captain of the ship was often called the Master before God, because as soon as the ship left the dock the responsibility for the ship, cargo and crew was his sole responsibility. It remained so until the ship came back home. Some of his other duties include the navigation of the ship, the managing of the crew and being sure that the vessel was operating within local and international laws. This does not even include his duties to the shipowners or the policies of the nation whose flag he is sailing under.

The ship's captain manages the affairs of the ship and all the ship's personnel that are under him. He is also responsible that a ship complies with all the immigration and customs laws. The captain also maintains the ship's compliance with the security plan that is mandated by the International Maritime Corp. this includes maintaining all the ship certification in any other documentation.

The ship's captain also manages and commands the entire crew of the ship and is usually in charge of all the ships accounting, payrolls and inventory. He is also responsible with all the immigration and customs regulations of any country where his ship makes port. Another of his duties is keeping the ship's certificates and other documentation as well as the ship security plan, as required by the International Maritime Organization.  In case of accidents, incidents and in the case of injury or sickness among either the ship's crew or passengers he is the responsible party.

The requirements for having this job is; having a Master mariner's license that is issued by the country under whose flag ship is sailing. There are various types of licenses in existence that specify the maximum vessel size, in gross tonnage, that he is entitled to command. If he holds an unlimited master's license is allowed to operate any vessel anywhere in the world.

Restricted tonnage licenses include such vessels that way down to 100 gross tons or less. Some of the examples of these licenses adding eerie stricter geographic scope include licenses issued by the United States Coast Guard for the Great Lakes, inland waters or the near coastal waters.

To get a unlimited master's license requires many years of experience at sea folding such licenses as third mate, second mate and chief mate.

I wish it was at sea under navigation to May also represent some of the other official of Doherty's found online and like a notary public, Justice of the peace, and police any as the official power to use them. Some situations at sea may require the use of deadly force like mutiny or pirates or anything to defend the interests of the country under slide the sales, the owner, environment, cargo owners, crew, passengers and the laws required for safe navigation.

The captain also has the power during navigation to override any other official authorities that are on board. Even under modern conditions the ship's captain is still in effect Master before God including all persons aboard, crew and passengers alike, while conforming to the nautical and navigation laws that must remain under the command or authority of the ship’s captain.

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