Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How the Universe was Formed

The origin of the Universe
Author Fredrick

Most people would not consider the formation of the Universe as a part of geology but it is.  In order to make sense of geology one has to know where it all came from; hence the formation of the Universe. 

The closer you get to the beginning it seems that the closer you get to God.  The first book of genesis in the bible gives as good of an explanation as any of the scientists have been able to conjure.  It simply says, “Let there be light,” and that was what happened.  Scientists that deal in such matters are called “Cosmologists,” the amazing thing is that the same name is applied to theologians studying the same thing.  The “Big Bang” is the common name applied to the beginning of the Universe; it is also called the “Singularity” by some scientists.

One thing that is certain is that all the matter in the Universe came from this one event, but not in a form that we would recognize.  Our curiosity has driven us to question the beginning of the universe?  Where did the matter come from?  How old is the universe?  How did it get created?  Even modern science has not been able to answer these questions, and a good deal of what we know is pure speculation.  Modern science is not able to add firm answers to these questions bringing in them beyond the realm of hypothesis.

Of course for any question that is answered the answer generates a plethora of new questions.  Of these questions one of the most vexing is, “how many universes are there?”  We do know that our universe is finite in size, so what occupies the rest of the Cosmos?  One of the theories that has been put forth is that our universe is only one of an infinite number of universes.  If there are parallel universes do we exist on them also?  If we exist on these parallel universes is it possible for us to go from one universe to another?  And even more vexing question is if we do need to exist in parallel universes are we the same person?  Does this explain the paranormal existence of the doppelgangers, our spiritual doubles?  As a matter of fact it actually brings up the question is there a God?

For scientists that for the most part are believers in God this is probably the most vexing question of all.  This brings forth the question, “Where did this all come from?”

Laymen look upon this as some sort of vast explosion, but it really isn’t.  The beginning of the universe really happened more like someone inflating a balloon that has been expanding ever since.  Although genesis says, “Let there be light,” for the first hundred million years or so of the universe’s history there was no visible light.  It wasn’t until the first proto-galaxies appeared that light may have become part of the universe.  

According to NASA the universe was born 13.7 billion years ago.  It was about 300,000 years later that hydrogen atoms were able to capture electrons forming the first atoms.  Six hundred million years after the Big Bang the first galaxies were formed.

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