Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to get rid of Bedbugs and other Pesky Critters

How to get rid of bed bugs is a question many people are asking themselves that they because of a worldwide infestation of these pesky critters.  You are apt to find them in some of the finest hotels in the United States, or for that matter the rest of the world. Bedbugs come out at night when you are sleeping to feed on your blood like little vampires. Although they don't cause any known diseases their bites can leave you with a nasty set of welts. Even though many products are now on the market purporting to kill bedbugs there is a simple nonpoisonous method that anyone can apply to rid themselves of these varmints.

This is a common material called diatomaceous earth that kills not only bedbugs but many other insects because it is made from the fossilized skeletons of long dead freshwater algae that has settled to the bottom of the lake after only living for a few days.

This marvel is readily available in feed stores or garden centers because it also has many uses besides killing bugs. How it works is like this, the skeletal remains of the algae are made from silica that has very sharp edges that are capable of penetrating the layer of a waxy like substance that coats all insects. Once this coating called chitin has been penetrated by the sharp silica the bug literally dries up and blows away my losing his body fluids. Unlike some chemical pesticides that react within a matter of minutes, diatomaceous earth works a matter of a few hours, but it is very thorough.

Not only can diatomaceous earth rid your house and bedbugs, but is also effective in many of the other insects that are found in your home too. Another pest that you can find in your house is the cockroach by sprinkling a little diatomaceous earth around where the cockroaches run it will also very effectively cleaned out that infestation too. Answer yet another scourge of the householder is ants using the same technique of sprinkling some diatomaceous earth where they run will also illuminate this past.

Not only is diatomaceous earth a powerful and effective insecticide that also has many health benefits for both you and your pets. You can use this product both externally and internally one of the most effective uses is deworming your pets or yourself.

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