Monday, June 18, 2012

How to do Chinese Deep Fry

Deep fried starfish
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The Chinese recognize two different deep frying techniques in one technique they are frying the ingredients directly.  In the other technique they are frying the ingredients with batter.  The second technique is the one that is most commonly used.  This is how the Chinese do their deep frying most effectively.

Although it is quite alright to use a modern deep fryer if you are preparing a large meal, but traditionally the Chinese have used a wok for their deep frying.  Most of the time the Chinese use peanut oil for their deep frying and any other vegetable oil that is capable of taking heat between 350 and 375°F without smoking is acceptable.  This can be done with a deep frying thermometer that is available at a kitchen supply shop that will attach to the side of your wok.  Put enough oil in a wok to fill it within 2 inches of the rim.  Maintain the heat and slide the ingredients into the oil without making it splash.  It is a good idea to use cooking chopsticks for handling the ingredients when they are in a deep fryer.  When it is finished removed from the oil with a strainer and set it aside on a paper towel to drain off the excess oil.  Then serve!

1.  Be sure that all the ingredients are cut up into bite sized pieces and are all close to the same thickness that you are deep frying.  If the sizes of the pieces are not uniform some pieces will be overcooked and others undercooked.  This may even extend to the color of pieces that will be of different colors on a piece by piece basis.

2.  You should marinate all the pieces of the batter before frying.  This will enhance the taste and the aroma of your deep frying.

3.  Keep your oil temperature between 350 and 375°F.  The temperature of the oil will vary somewhat according to what you are cooking.  Some of the pieces that do not cook through the first time will have to be re-cooked. (See number four below.)  Some things are more easily cooked than others for the ones that are easily cooked all you have to do is to maintain a high heat.  If your batch is too large to cook at once divide it up and cook it in smaller batches.  All of the cooked items are taken out of the deep fat with a strainer to preserve their appearance. 

4.  For ingredients that are not easily fried the first time such as poultry or fish balls it is perfectly all right to re-fry them so they are thoroughly cooked through.

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